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Paul Brunelle


Hello. My name is Paul Brunelle. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I am from Penetanguishene, and have lived there for most of my life. My grandfather Alderick (Pete) was a commercial fisherman for most of his life, and as a child I have fond memories of seeing all the fish in the freezers and all the nets hanging to dry for the next catch. He would always say that the land provides but not to be to greedy or we would lose this precious gift, so I guess at an early age I was learning about our culture. I was only on the boats with him a couple of times when my father had to watch me. It was great fun. About my father Robert (Bob) Brunelle. He had great pride in our heritage and told my sister and I to be proud of our heritage. 

I worked and lived in the Penetanguishene area until about three years ago where I moved to Barrie for work and a new relationship. My partner Angela's family has deep roots in the Owen Sound area with her father Rudolf Couture being a proud citizen and also was on council. Aunt Leora Couture-Wilson also is a proud citizen who has sat on council. I met with my extended family and saw the pride all citizens show and knew I had to get involved.

I worked in a factory in Penetanguishene until its closure. I spent my time there getting involved in the Union for about 15 years holding every position from President to steward. I learned how to listen and be patient. How to negotiate without loosing my temper. To take every complaint and listen and be unbiased. I learned the art of negotiating for all members of the union. I was also a certified member of the Health and Safety for 18 years implementing safe work conditions for all my fellow employees and management. I implemented an emergency response team dealing with all medical, environmental situations. After the plant closure I found a position with the County of Simcoe as a Driver for transportation and engineering. This position is driving the plows and maintaining the roads around Simcoe County. The gracious part of this career is it has freed up my time in order to be more active in something that I am passionate about; Metis rights and out citizens in out beautiful community of Barrie-South Simcoe.

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