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Inaugural AGM

Sep 27, 2020

On Sunday September 27, 2020 the Barrie South Simcoe Metis Council held their inaugural AGM at the Lions Gate Banquet Hall in Barrie. Elder Little Brown Bear opened our meeting with a prayer.  Roxanne Shank, president of the Barrie Metis Council welcomed citizens and special guests from the MNO including Margaret Froh, David Dusome, Brian Black and Elizabeth Harvey. The Council reviewed the work done to date including, a logo design, website development, office space, covid relief and community building initiatives including the AGM.

Margaret Froh, president of the MNO presented sashes to new council members and addressed the citizens highlighting the Veteran council members and the hard work they do and how the MNO will be working to support councils at both the local and national level.  President Froh, acknowledged councils work to support citizens during COVID and outlined new supports including a 24 hr crisis line, financial and legal counseling for members. She highlighted that citizens are able to apply for programs including: post secondary education funding, housing, early education, etc.  The MNO is working with the government to ensure that Metis citizens have their history and inherent right to self govern recognized.  David Dusome outlined the major objectives of the MNO including a citizen application drive, child welfare program and economic development.  Brian Black spoke of the importance of Metis self government and building the future of the Metis culture and laws.  Janette Prisciak presented the treasurer’s report outlining upcoming covid supports.  Tony Muscat, Chair discussed an upcoming youth camp initiative for early May which will be promoted in February through our website.

The Barrie Metis Council was proud to present our first annual post secondary bursary to four very deserving Barrie Metis members. The recipients were; Katelyn Cudmore, Meagan Muscat (absent), Dustin Prisciak and Nikki Mayes (absent). A generous post secondary bursary was donated by Luke Belcourt, one of our Metis members.  The Luke Belcourt Bursary was presented to Stephanie Lee during the AGM.

A special thank you from council and members goes out to Tony Muscat for organizing our first AGM and wonderful lunch.

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