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National Indigenous Month

Jun 18, 2024

As Indigenous History Month unfolds, it's an important time for Métis people across Canada to reflect, celebrate and educate about our rich heritage and unique cultural contributions. For us, this month holds a profound significance, not just as a commemoration of the past, but as a vibrant testament to our ongoing resilience, identity and aspirations.
Métis history is woven intricately into the tapestry of Canada's narrative, yet it often remains overlooked or misunderstood.

Indigenous History Month provides us with a platform to reclaim and reaffirm our Métis identity, challenging stereotypes and misconceptions along the way. It's a time to share our stories, our art, our music and our languages with pride and authenticity. We honor the resilience of our ancestors who navigated the complexities of colonialism and maintained their distinct cultural practices against all odds.

Yet, as we celebrate our heritage, we must also acknowledge the challenges that Métis communities continue to face. From systemic inequalities to struggles for recognition and self-determination, our journey is far from over. Indigenous History Month serves as a reminder of the work that lies ahead, as we strive for reconciliation, justice and empowerment for all Indigenous Peoples.

This month, let us come together to celebrate our past, our present and our future. Let us honour the land, the languages and the traditions that sustain us. Let us amplify our voices, sharing our truths and forging connections with others as we collectively walk the path toward understanding and unity.

In the spirit of reconciliation and solidarity, Happy Indigenous History Month to all!

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