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The Métis Flag

The horizontal figure or infinity symbol featured on the Métis flag was originally carried by French 'half-breeds' with pride. The symbol, which represents the immortality of the nation, in the centre of a blue field represents the joining of two cultures.

Though the historical origins of the infinity flag continue to be a source of debate there is no doubt that the Métis flag is carried today as a symbol of continuity and pride.


The National Métis Flag has a white infinity symbol with a blue background. This flag was flown on June 19, 1816, at the Battle of Seven Oaks under the leadership of Cuthbert Grant. He led a Métis brigade on the Assiniboine River and seized the company post at Brandon House. Then they set off to the River Fough, the skirmish of Seven Oaks, in which Govenor Semple and twenty-one of his men were killed for the cost of one Métis life.


The colours of the Métis Hunting Flag. It has a white infinity symbol with a red background. During a hunting expedition, the camp flag belongs to the guide of the day. He is therefore standard bearer by virtue of his office. In some of these hunting expedition’s great battles occurred like the Battle of Grand Coutea. Today, the Red Métis Flag is used for both Hunting and Battle.


Symbolizes the dark period after 1870 in which the Métis Nation had to endure dispossession and suppression at the hands of the Government of Canada. In the years that followed, the Métis were shot and beaten on the streets of Winnipeg. Bounties were issued on those who had collaborated with Louis Riel. Many left their land and headed west. Those that stayed behind moved north. Those that remained on their original settlements were forced off their lands and became squatters living mostly on road allowances.


Signifies fertility, growth and prosperity for the Métis Nation. Green also means we must move forward and reclaim our rightful place in Canadian History.

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